Touch of Genuis: Kelvin Okafor, the Perfect Artist

Touch of Genuis: Kevin Okafor gesticulate beside a portrait of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge .


When we say fine art is “an activity that requires skill and care”, the works of Kelvin Okafor come to our mind. Simply with a pencil, charcoal and paper, the Nigerian-born British have left indelible marks on the sands of time in the hearts of those who come across his trade.

“I want my portraits to prompt an emotional response in viewers. When drawing, I have in mind my relationship with the sitter and knowledge of their personality, but I know that someone else viewing the finished piece may not know them. So I want a viewer to know the person’s character and feel a connection to them in the same way that I do when I draw them. This shared sense of connection, and the emotional response that a portrait can provoke in people looking at them, is of great importance to me.”

– Kelvin Okafor says.

The unimaginable thing in Kevin Okafor’s works is that despite how closely you look at them, there is not a line of pencil in sight.

Kelvin Okafor, 30, from Tottenham, graduated in Fine Arts from Middlesex University. He has won lots of awards and exhibited his works at galleries across the United Kingdom. He is simply on a class of his own. Below are some of his works which include the famous around the world:



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Kelvin Okafor drawings

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Kelvin Okafor Dec artwork

Magic pencil: Kelvin drawing in his studio
Genuis: Kelvin Okafor in the gallery
Masterclass: Kevin Okafor drawings are perfect