Petroleum Africa: SacOil Spuds in Egypt


SacOil, through its subsidiary Mena International Petroleum Company, spud the Lagia 11 well on its 100% owned Lagia oil field onshore Egypt’s Sinai. This forms part of the Phase 2 field development operations.

As reported previously, the Lagia 11 is part of a five-well drilling campaign aimed at increasing and optimizing production. The Lagia wells will be drilled using the contracted Petro PDSO land rig, Shams 1. The five wells, Lagia 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 will be targeting the main producing reservoir, the Nukhul formation.

The Phase 2 field development also includes the successful installation and commissioning of steam facilities for a thermal recovery process on the production wells.

The existing five production wells were successfully steamed with the formation reacting positively by accepting the injected steam as anticipated. The thermal recovery process yielded positive results with an increase in production rates observed after the first steam and soak cycle using progressive cavity pumps. The five existing wells were steamed and allowed to soak for a number of days in order to heat up the reservoir and reduce the oil viscosity before starting production. The final program includes the steaming and thermal recovery of all the wells in order to achieve a targeted production rate of 1,000 bpd.
The company successfully procured and is in the process of installing ten new thermal well heads and tubing sucker rod pumps, which have been customized specifically for the Lagia field conditions and which will replace the progressive cavity pumps.