May You Be Blessed This Christmas As You Commemorate His Birth


By Ukachukwu Okoriechristmas-flowers-14-desktop-backgroundLet us shout it on the streets,

Spread the name of the Lord

All you that love Him.

Praise Him for he shows kindness,

Shout it into every ear that listens

He is the King of earth.

Spread it like harmattan.

Let it catch like the sea current.

Your name is sweet,

I will sing it among my brethren

In the temple of the Lord.

And along the path of commerce

May the name of the Lord of Hosts

Reach the ends of the earth

And be proclaimed by every lip.

That we shall sing his name

And adore the might in it.

In times of trouble

When they plan to intimidate us,

Even at the sight of death

When killers unsheathe the blade

Or that they do it by blast,

It is the power of redemption

The greatest name that saves.

A name that we commemorate today