AfricaWorld News Special New Year Message

Editor - Ukachukwu Okorie

Happy New Year 2016

I write with profound joy and welcome you back to the AfricaWorld News arena. We are optimistic that this year shall be better in fulfilling our dreams. What about you? We hope to keep serving you news from around the world through our sources and correspondents.

In 2016, we intend to continue from last year’s programs of setting up Bureau offices particularly across the African continent. In establishing these offices abroad, we target two goals:  – in keeping with our condense message, “Unless the hunted gives his account, the story of the hunt will always favour the hunter”, we get news as it is from our growing correspondents and volunteers across Africa; we also empower African youths in various ways through employment, training and work experience.

Our sister magazine – The African International shall resume in electronic and print edition. We had stopped it due to logistic issues but it is set again to grace news stands around the world. Our editorial staff is looking at resuming the print edition of AfricaWorld Newspaper for Ireland and selected countries abroad. However, we shall brief the public on the possibility and time, notwithstanding our wide reach across the world through the social media.

We shall be launching a massive website for AfricaWorld TV as the network has expanded rapidly to viewers from over sixty countries. We intend to generate programs and local contents for advertising sales. So far our service has been free and it is telling hard on our quest to expand. It is important to know that we will be repositioning some of our ways due to feedback from key supporters. Whatever happens, be mindful that we were created to serve and inform.

On behalf of all at AfricaWorld News, I wish thee blessings and good tidings in 2016

Ukachukwu Okorie – AfricaWorld editor