About Us

Unless the hunted gives their account, the story of the hunt will always favour the hunter.

It is based on this back-ground that AfricaWorld News was created.

To report first-hand news and events as they happen among Africans in Africa and the wider-world. Our media content will reflect the actual state of events and without compromise, including the riches, culture, values, resources and entertainment that Africa offers to the world.

AfricaWorld News was launched at the Irish Writers Centre on May 7, 2011 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Mission Statement
“To provide objective and quality information on the pride and identify of Africa and Africans, and promote diversity and balance in media reporting”.

Our Vision
“Our vision is to become the leader in reporting news, issues and happenings among Africans in the wider-world, Africans in Africa, and to promote human values in a balanced and truthful manner.”