Back To Basics

AfricaWorld editor, Ukachukwu Okorie
I am happy to announce to you that preparation for the 2015 Pan-African Lecture and Community Service Awards is in top gear.
As convention demands, we will be talking about one of the greatest political icons and African nationalist – Nnamdi Azikiwe. The great ‘Zik of Africa’ inspired many around the world with his eclectic works, particularly on social justice, decolonisation and political development of Africa. Titled ‘Nnamdi Azikiwe: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, the lecture hopefully will follow tradition to unearthing the salient ingredients necessary for Africa’s progress in this new age. Stay tuned to AfricaWorld social media platforms for details of the Lecture and Community Service Awards.
As part of our re-branding program, AfricaWorld logo has changed to accomodate the interest of our growing followers worldwide. More so, our website is now on, at Let us know what you think and how we can serve and inform you better.

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