CloudFlare CEO Denies Anonymous’ Allegation of Protecting ISIS Sites


    In a reaction to Paris Attacks last Friday, Anonymous declared a war against the ISIS on Monday and were determined to knock ISIS-linked sites and hack their social media accounts which are a big medium of spreading their false ideology and of choosing their sympathizers to spread it.

    While fighting this war, the Anonymous yesterday exposed a list of more than a hundred Twitter account users who used to support the ISIS one way or the other. They also claimed to have removed more than 8800 Twitter accountsof suspected IS (previously ISIS/ISIL) sympathizers.

    However, during this process of taking and hunting down ISIS related accounts, Anonymous found that the so-called Islamic State use CloudFlare for the protection of its sites from DDoS attacks.

    CloudFlare is a service that secures websites online by becoming a proxy between the servers and the visitor. It also ensures the fastest connection of the visitor with the website server with protection against DDoS attacks on the websites.

    The Anonymous said that CloudFlare is providing service to the IS website and the find it extremely shameful whereas Matthew Prince the CEO & Co-Founder of CloudFlare said “Anonymous are our clients and we do not censor them either.”