By Esther Bala

Why do women limit themselves? Why do women think they are the responsibility of men? People will always say “it’s a man’s world “, where is the woman’s world? The woman was made out of the side of Adam not out of his head to rule over her, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon. Just out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved, so it’s high time we stop limiting ourselves as women. God has given us so much that we fail to realize that we have got some potential in us.

We cannot achieve our wildest dreams by remaining where we are. Many women have made so many mistakes that they refuse to forgive themselves and others. Being bitter does not destroy anybody but the one who is bitter. Stop blaming others, stop blaming yourself, you need to explore what it is about you that may not be right. You must identify why and how you came to be in your current state, then you will be able to apply an effective and long lasting solution.

Women have most times given men the room to treat them badly, why? Because we have made ourselves so cheap, we depend on them for everything. When you buy things for yourself, you can hold your head high because you don’t have to sleep with anyone to get them. This is the importance of financial independence.

Beautiful Esther poses for the camera.

I also fell victim to a bad relationship. I was so blinded not to see where I was headed, not until I was caught in the mess, I was angry with myself, I blamed so many, even though I had a big dream for myself, I found it hard to move on.

Many at times, we allow ourselves to feel inferior about what people say or think about us, but I tell you something ladies, once you understand the stuff you are made of, no man can make you feel less of what you think about yourself. The fact is we want to do some things men do. It does not mean we go and start flexing our muscles. God created us specially and endowed us as women, so why not use it. Women are nation builders. We have been given the mantle of influence while men have the mandate of authority. Influence is more powerful than authority. Some of us will say a woman got to do what a woman need to do, but the love of money, food, materialism, you name it, will rule if you let it out-run God In the area of your affections. Look at how women today are ruled by the sheer desire to get a man, have a man and keep a man.

With God, a woman is complete, having a man or not.
God gives perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in him. No man can give you what you really want. Look up to God, he will neither leave nor forsake you. He is the only one who can make a promise and keep it.
Discover your gift; that potential you have and as you identify and discover it and skill, find a matching profession, service, business then exercise yourself in this field. It is then you become a woman with a difference.


Esther Bala is a student of Kogi State University, Nigeria