Ireland: Murdered mum Clodagh Hawe’s mother discovered the note at tragic Cavan house


    Clodagh Hawe’s mother was the person who found the note at her daughter’s house it has emerged.

    The note warning people not to come in was pinned to the inside of the glass frame on the backdoor of the house.

    The Irish Independent reports she had arranged to go to their home on Monday morning to mind her three grandchildren.

    Their parents were set to be busy preparing for the start of the new term at the local Castlerahan Central National School, where Alan was vice principal, and Oristown National School, outside Kells, where Clodagh was a teacher.

    However, after phoning the house several times and failing to get an answer, Mrs Hawe’s mother drove to the family home.

    When she arrived at the house, the grandmother saw a note with the words “Don’t come in, call the Guards” placed inside the glass frame of the door.

    Gardaí arrived at the scene at 10.45 am and made the gruesome discovery of the brothers’ bodies in two bedrooms upstairs while the parents were found downstairs.

    Sources say it reveals the vulnerable state of mind which Mr Hawe was in when he carried out the murders of his wife and three children.

    Meanwhile, the Irish Mirror reports Alan Hawe killed his wife Clodagh first before murdering his sons.

    The tormented teacher stabbed Clodagh in the throat in a downstairs room before strangling and stabbing his sleeping boys to death.

    One source said:’It looks like he attacked his wife with a knife before then turning his attention to the children.

    ‘It is truly awful. An absolute horror story.’