Ireland: New Video of Irish Mother of Two Emerges Showing Her Destroying Goods in an African Shop in Dublin City

They have been in a long-term relationship and now that they’ve been together for a while, they are now finding themselves hitting some road bumps. Perhaps, at this point, they’re wondering exactly why relationships are so difficult to maintain.
Lets put it succinctly clearer, In the beginning, they found the relationship and everything to be relatively easy — things unfolded pretty well, they didn’t fight or disagree, no one freaked out while trying to decide which movie to watch on Netflix or which restaurant to order Chinese King Prawn Friend Rice or Pizza from.
But, as life has a tendency to do, stuff’s now getting real and we can see that their union is heading for the rock. That might mean a breakup after a year or two or three, or it might mean that the couple are just not as into the relationship as much as they used to be, or it might just be a slow stalling-out feeling. But whatever the case may be, this kind of thing happens all the time and could also happen to anybody and nobody is immune.

A new video of an Irish mother of two emerges showing her destroying African foodstuff and property in an African shop located on Parnell Street in Dublin. The Garda Station (Police Station) is just yards away and the Garda were called but failed to respond fast to the distress call.

It is appalling to watch a Police vehicle cruising past the scene of incident in which a quite a number of the public believed that the police officers in saw or might have noted the disturbing scene but they decided to turn deaf ears and blind eyes.

AfricaWorld News correspondent at the scene of incident made frantic efforts to conduct an interview with the lady but in vein as the lady was still filled with agitation and uncontrollable. The correspondent now conducted an investigation through her close friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Here is what she has to say…


The Story

It was alleged that the lady in the clip met her partner, an immigrant from Nigeria years back and ever since their union, she benefited nothing from him but rather he ruined her life.

When they both met and tied-up a relationship, she wasted no time and within a year, she fell pregnant fairly quickly and thought everything was going to be cock and curry but she ended up at the receiving end and nothing as close to any benefit.

The day after her childbirth in the hospital, her boyfriend marched her straight from the hospital unit to the Birth Certificate Registry office to quickly insert his name on the Birth Certificate as by then his visa to remain in the Ireland had only few days to expire. By doing so, it would enable him to extend  his rights to remain based on parent to an Irish-born child or married to an EU spouse.

Her cohabiting partner has been playing her for a fool for a very long time and she failed to learn any lesson from her first pregnancy. The boyfriend had also dragged her down for years and took control of every little thing in her life and all the way down to what she could wear and eat made her homeless.

In this recent video of ‘no-shame’ by the lady, the boyfriend is just too clever as he refused to let down his image in a public domain as he knew very well that there would be a possibility that the video might end up being circulated on social media for the world to see.

It was quite very unfortunate that she eventually snapped because she had enough. From the clip, it is evident that she doesn’t look stable but that’s what usually happens after putting up or coping in a cohabiting relationship experiencing years of hell, and being portrayed like nothing.

It has become a worldwide culture in the world of smartphone recording that when there are issues like this, the public careless to intervene and what most people do is to reach out for their smartphones to record the happening incident.

Most of the witnesses present that were interviewed claimed that they couldn’t believe the stupid and foolish acts the mother portrayed in public and in particular she had no single fear or regard for her little child in the buggy. “To prove her point that she was ready for whatever may be the case, she called on her accomplice to get the child and the buggy from her, that is disgraceful, said one of the witness who wants to remain anonymous.

It was also alleged that her cohabiting male Nigerian partner was in the shop and they had scuffle the previous day in which he launched a brutal attack on the mother of his children during their night out, fracturing her jaw she made a return journey to the shop to behave this way. It was furthermore alleged that her partner frequently visits the premises because the owner of the shop is a close family friend to her partner who is also the father to her two children.

She acted in that manner with the shop owner because she strongly believed that the owner and proprietress of the shop assisted her partner in abating and conniving by hiding her daughter away from her in the shop. They were also responsible for locking her up in the shop the night of her jaw-breaking incident.