Nigeria: Married Man Marries American Lady in Order to Scam Her

  • The family of Nigerian man who got married to a white woman identified as Lisa L Flowers claimed that their son died after he was rushed to the hospital
  • Lisa Flowers who did not believe the family’s story about her husband Nelson En’ebary’s death called them out on social media asking people to help her find her husband
  • Meanwhile, a woman claiming to be the man’s Nigerian wife has come for Flowers telling her to stay away from her husband.

The story of a Nigerian man by the name Nelson Enareaba whose family allegedly supported the idea that he marries an American lady so as to drain her financially after the family knew fully well that he is already married to his Nigerian wife.

A Nigerian woman identified as Aishatu Ella John has shared photos of conversation between En’ebary’s alleged Nigerian wife and herself. In the photos of the conversation, the woman identified as Martha Enareaba who claimed to be Enareaba’s wife said she told Flowers to stay away from her husband. Enareaba noted that she is legally married to the young man. She also revealed that Enareaba only married the older white woman because he needed money from her.

His family claims that he is dead, however, his wife sent a message to the American wife to leave her and her husband alone because he no longer wants her. And more drama has unfolded.

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Nelson Enareaba is married to a Nigerian, Martha Enareaba, and they even have kids.

According to Martha, they were married before he married the American wife, Lisa L. Flowers. A message which has now been made public shows that Martha and the entire Enareaba family, including the parents and siblings of Nelson, were all in on Nelson’s plan to marry Lisa and drain her financially.

Martha said she was jealous at first but after his family told her of the benefits, she agreed to it. She is now asking Lisa to leave her and her husband alone because he no longer wants her. This only means that Nelson is not dead as his father and the rest of his family claimed, but he’s gone back to his Nigerian wife.

Aishatu Ella John, who has been following up on the case, shared screenshots of the Facebook messages she got from Martha Enareaba warning her to drop the case and leave their family alone.

In all of this Nelson has still not surfaced, neither has he shared anything on Facebook, but one thing is clear from Martha’s messages – he is alive. Martha Enareaba has now deleted her Facebook account after her messages were made public.

Lisa wrote:

“My Nigerian family and friends – I need your help to find out what has happened to My Sweetness, Nelson De’Enabry. Since Thursday morning there has been conflicting news from his family members concerning his well being and if he is even alive. I have no proof from his family that he has left this earth. Please reach out to one another to help me find the truth about this situation with Nelson De’Enabry.”

Friends have been wishing her well and hoping that she finds him soon.

There is a new development to the Lisa L Flowers and Nelson Enebary story, as it is beginning to become mysterious and complicated,

Nelson Enebary was declared dead by his father in a video which was shared online. it was reported that nelson’s friends told the family, that nelson woke up from sleep and was gasping for breathe,he was rushed to two hospitals but they all declined,and didn’t attend to him. and now  Nelson’s alleged Nigerian wife, had a chat with Nigerian Lawyer, Aishatu Ella John, to warn Lisa to keep her distance.