Nnamdi Azikiwe: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Premier of Eastern Region, at N.C.N.C. rally, Urualla, Nigeria.
After returning to Lagos from Accra where he was editor of the African Morning Post, a daily newspaper known for promoting a pro-African nationalist agenda, Nnamdi Azikiwe founded the West African Pilot, which he used as a vehicle to foster Nigerian nationalism.
By 1944, Dr. Azikiwe had become the president of the National Council for Nigeria and the Cameroons (N.C.N.C.). The NCNC was a political party which united radical elements that had emerged during the Second World War. The political party won the important 1959 federal elections and helped stimulate Nigerian independence. In 1960 Nigeria became independent from Britain. Dr. Azikiwe was appointed Governor- General and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal State of Nigeria. Three years later he was the first Nigerian to be sworn in as president, when the country became a republic. He held this position until the first coup d’etat in 1966 ended his administration and led to the Nigerian civil war. For more on the contributions of this great African, including materials for scholarship research and more, the 4th AfricaWorld News pan-African lecture offers more.
4th Guest Lecturer - Mazi Azukaoma Uche Osakwe (Odumnaegbuagu)
4th Guest Lecturer – Mazi Azukaoma Uche Osakwe (Odumnaegbuagu)

Mazi Azukaoma Uche Osakwe (Odumnaegbuagu) will be the 4th Lecturer of the pan-African lecture series. He is an Author, Writer, Columnist and Doctoral Research Student at Mater Dei Institute, Dublin City University, Ireland.

The lecture will be reviewed by Ashimedua Okonkwo, an Ireland based Solicitor, Attorney and Counselor at Law. Ashimedua Okonkwo (Meddy) is the Principal at Cyril & Co. Solicitors, an Ireland based law firm.

Lecture Reviewer - Ashimedua Okonkwo
Lecture Reviewer – Ashimedua Okonkwo

Special recognition will be accorded to outstanding persons who have been active in integration projects with the Community Service Awards. There will be AUCTION SALES to support AfricaWorld News for the great works they have been doing.

Talented Singer - BigJay Obijiaku
Talented Singer – BigJay Obijiaku
Etoile Musica - Pitchou Tarzan
Etoile Musica – Pitchou Tarzan

There will be performances by BigJ Obijiaku, Pitchou Tarzan and 16year old Susan Nwanna who is current Ada Igbo 2015.

Susan Nwanna - Ada Igbo 2015
Susan Nwanna – Ada Igbo 2015


The general public are hereby invited to the ceremony at:

The Irish Writers Centre on 19 Parnell Street North, Dublin 1, @ 12noon

Saturday 12 – December – 2015

Lecture Title – Nnamdi Azikiwe: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Ukachukwu Okorie