Sudan: Student Protests Ripple Across Sudan


Khartoum — Students at universities across Sudan have taken to the streets and campuses in protest against the murder of a student at the University of Kordofan on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, protests and demonstrations broke out at the universities of Khartoum, as well as several other universities including Port Sudan in Red Sea state, the University of Kordofan in El Obeyed, and the University of Dongola in the Northern State.

As reported by Radio Dabanga this week, Abu Bakr Hashim, who studied in the first level at the University of Kordofan Faculty of Engineering in El Obeid, was shot dead when students who support the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) fired at members of the United Students Opposition, who were on their way to deliver their student council election list to the university centre.


A demonstration by Kordofan University students toured the streets of El Obeid City, monitored closely by agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and police.

On Wednesday the Red Sea University students in Port Sudan condemned the killing of student Hashim of the University of Kordofan, and demanded the return of their own students union that has been stopped for years.

Red Sea

A student from the Red Sea University told Radio Dabanga that the police broke up a peaceful demonstration at the city market by using batons and tear gas.

One student was seriously injured and taken to Port Sudan hospital for treatment. The police and NISS forces chased the students back to the university campus.

Also on Wednesday, the NISS detained four students from the front of a building complex at the University of Khartoum after beating them; thus bringing the number of student detainees to nine.


A student from the University of Khartoum told Radio Dabanga that the NISS gents attacked the students with batons after they held a vigil at University Avenue and the medical complex demanding the release of the detainees and refusing the sale or transfer of the university headquarters.

He explained that the NISS closed all entrances leading from dormitories to the university and have besieged the university buildings. The four new detainees include Saiyed Mohamed Zain and three other students whose names have not been identified.

White Nile State

A sit-in by sit -in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Imam El Mahdi in Kosti in White Nile State has entered its third week. The students are demanding amendments to the regulations prepared by the university administration earlier last year.

A student told Radio Dabanga the Governor of White Nile state visited the Faculty and asked them to end the sit-in, promising to resolve the problem.

He added that the students are demanding a timetable for the amendments to the regulations and the need to involve students in drafting the new regulations as stipulated in the Constitution of the university.

Student Strike Into Third Day in Sudan’s Capital

Khartoum — The strike by the students of the University of Khartoum, in protest against a government decision to move faculties to the outskirts of the city, is now into its third consecutive day. All classes have been suspended as lecturers and professors have joined in solidarity with the students.

The strikers demand the release of the students who were detained during the demonstrations over the past week. They also continue to protest the sale of university premises, ostensibly “to make way for tourist attractions”.

A student from the University of Khartoum told Radio Dabanga that classes have been halted at all the faculties because of the sit-in and explained that university professors have taken-up the strike in solidarity with the students.

The student added that on Tuesday, in the medical complex, students carried out a sit-in inside the compound buildings demanding the release of the detained students.

He said that on Monday, the security forces arrested students Sharafuldin Adam and Mohammed Saleh Abdul Raheem and took them to an unknown destination.

He added that the arrest of the students came against the backdrop of the Darfuri students association organising of political gathering at the University of El Nilain to speak out about the current political situation in Darfur.

The Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) in Khartoum announced that the head of the party in Khartoum North Locality, Abdul Rahman Mahdi, was subjected to an attempted attack by an unidentified vehicle in Shambat on Monday evening. In a statement on Tuesday. The SCP explained that the attempted attack was by a truck without plates. The Party considered that as “representing a new phase in the authorities’ confrontation with the opposition in the country”.

Sit-Ins, Strikes for Release of Student Detainees in Khartoum

Khartoum — At a symposium organised at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Khartoum on Sunday afternoon, a large gathering of students, alumni and representatives of the families of student detainees called on students to go on open-ended strike until the release of all detainees and response to all of their demands.

Several students were detained and others injured last week after protest marches turned violent. The students were voicing their protest at a decision against plans by the Sudanese government to move faculties out of the city to make way for tourist attractions.

Students marched on the Ministry of Higher Education on Wednesday, and students clashed with agents of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), who dispersed the crowd on Thursday.

One of the students told Radio Dabanga that 43 of the detained students were released while a number of students remained in detention on Sunday morning.

He added that the university is now witnessing a number of sit-ins and strikes from students in a number of faculties. “There is a call to enter into an open-ended strike until the release of all detainees and achievement of all student demands, including an apology from the Minister Tourism on the irresponsible and unethical statements he has made.”


On Saturday, the NISS subjected a number of activists, including Zeinab Badruldin and others, to a beating during a vigil near the modern medical centre in Khartoum.

Salah Mohamed Abdel Rahman told Radio Dabanga that the families of the detainees carried out a protest near the modern medical centre because the road to the NISS building was closed.

“The demonstration was attended by 70 to 80 family members of the detainees, mostly women.”

Abdel Rahman explained that his son was arrested together with 21 protesters from within the dental hospital and that all the detainees have been released except for his son and three others.

Six Students Wounded in Omdurman Clash

Omdurman — Groups of students clashed using machetes and guns in Omdurman on Tuesday morning, resulting in serious injury to six Darfuri students. Students who support the ruling National Congress Party, backed by police and security forces, attacked a meeting of the Darfur Students Association in the Koran University in Omdurman, the head of the association told Radio Dabanga. Nasreldin Mukhtar said that other students sustained minor injuries, and a number have gone missing.

The six injured, including Mukhtar, were taken to Omdurman hospital for treatment: Shamsuldin Abdullah, Abdelhalim Abdallah, Nasruldin Abdelkarim, Mohamed Omar, and Adam Malik.

Mukhtar said a number of the students who went missing are expected to have been arrested by the security apparatus.

“The attack came against the backdrop of the Darfur Students Association organising a speech to explain the reasons for a strike by the Darfuri students,” Mukhtar said. “It has continued for three days. They demand the implementation of the decisions by the President of the Republic, regarding the exemption of the Darfuri students from tuition fees.”

He said that the university administration has ignored the presidential decision. The association’s meetings with the dean have not produced any positive results, prompting them to continue their protest.

Students at a campus of El Ahliya University in Omdurman were attacked twice in September as National Congress Party students, backed by security forces, opened fire in a discussion corner.