UK: Police Charge Top British Rapper C-Biz With Murder [Video Included]

    • London rap just got real!
    • The rapper allegedly shoots at rival rappers with an Uzi after getting his jewelry stolen!

    ninestarget-audienceYou’ve heard of the tough rappers from Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Philly but what about the tough rappers from London?

    A popular London-based rapper was arrested and charged with murder by UK law enforcement last night. Police claim that popular London rapper C-Biz went on a shooting rampage against rivals – when he got his jewelry stolen by a rival rapper.

    How did it all start? Well earlier in the week, a London rapper named Nines allegedly robbed C Biz for his jewels and bragged about it on Instagram – here is the video:



    C Biz is a real STREET DUDE, so he reached out to Nines allegedly on Snapchat and told him, that he was on his block preparing to PULL UP. nines-1Nines released a screenshot:





    nines4-620x390Shortly after this text was sent, a man carrying an uzi sprayed up Nines’ block. Neither Nines, nor any of his crew were hit with any bullets. But an innocent bystander named Oliver was shot and killed.