ULUVO: Are Our Kids Safe With These Controversial Vaccines?

Uluvo Author, Nonoza Ralawe breastfeeding her son Tiro.


By Vuyokazi Nonoza Ralawe


Can a vegetarian, Rastafarian or a Religious person be immunised?

This is a question that comes to my mind when I think about Vaccinations.

First of all, vaccines work by mimicking the disease agents and stimulating the immune system to build up defence against them. So basically you are given an infection, so the body can be ready for that infection once or if ever you come across such infection in life again.

But I don’t fully agree with this since as a child I also did get immunised from TB but I still got it as an adult. I remember my mom sending me a massage that I shouldn’t worry, I must eat fish , lots of vegetables and lots of fruits. Yes I went through treatment as well, but as a nurse, that is the first message that she sent me.

Secondly, what are the ingredients in these vaccines?

From birth; there are six schedules appointments which babies undergo here in Ireland for babies born on until 13 months of their birth. This is in one year. One vaccine at two months, 4months , 6months, 12 months and 13 months.

These scheduled vaccinations from birth is allegedly to protect and prevent children from infectious diseases such  as whooping cough,  HIB, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Rotavirus and MMR vaccine which is  vaccine against mumps, measles and rubella (German measles).

The purpose of these vaccines is to prevent diseases caused by bacteria by jabbing these toxins on the child body.

But according to research on History of vaccines: A vaccine controversy is that it has been researched that vaccines destroy the genetic component in black people.

Black baby boys under the age of 36 months in particular have high risk of contracting Autism.

Vaccines are put straight to the bloodstream and from there it’s in the system and stuck inside.

And if there is a risk of getting autism which is a mental condition that is forming difficulty in communication and relationships, then that is a lifelong problem for the child and his family. That is a problem that family has to deal with for the rest of their lives.

As a mother this worries me.

I am reminded that it’s time to make such decisions about vaccines. I have to go through it as a process in protecting my child from preventable diseases and outbreaks that might happen in my child’s life. I am also reminded on the other hand that if I don’t vaccinate my child and if something happens it may cause a child to die. This worries me because as a mother, it is only natural to want to protect your children from harm, sickness or diseases. But deep in my soul as a mother with a son who’s almost two months old, I do not want my child to be vaccined. It should be a choice I make without feeling like I am breaking any laws.

When I choose not to immunise my child I can get a lot of backlash from the system because it seems to be a miracle that will save kids from being sick.

Can’t I be given an option to even wait for four or five years of the child’s life before rushing them with vaccines? Also to see the conditions that may arise in a child’s life that can be dealt with on time, like noticeable signs of autism, asthma or Down syndrome without blaming on vaccines or chemists as they claim that vaccines are not the cause of autism.

Research shows us that inside these vaccines there is everything from mercury, chicken egg proteins where it’s highly advices if you are allergic to eggs not to take the vaccine. Mercury in vaccines , sucrose which is  an artificial sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium hydroxides , pork, human or calf bloods , preservatives such as glycines, enhancers, aluminium, antibiotics to prevent the growth of germs, formaldehyde, lot of chemicals which they claim to use but in little doses.

But a lot of parents have noticed huge changes in their babies behaviour just after they’ve been vaccinated. That cannot be just their fate or by chance. This is because something has triggered for the babies to fall sick after being vaccinated. Parents can’t lie about their children. And they know their children better than anyone else.

Because vaccines are not natural and I always believe anything with a big unpronounced name on it. Do no trust!

Eczemas, Asthmas, TBs, Pneumonias are results of the environment we live in, the air we breathe, the GMO food we eat and the contaminated water we drink. It is not because you were or you were not immunised. Not everybody is immunised and the power is still in you.

There is enough information around which is in the media and a million of holistic doctors who has alternatives to vaccines such as DR. Lailla AFRIKA; DR. SEBI; DR MOHAMMED; MINISTER ENQI and many more holistic doctors.

According to DR Lailla Africa, and Dr Sebi  who are African holistic teachers and also saved people from all diseases. As Nutritional and Spiritual counsellors, Psychotherapists,  Historian and Medical astrologers, they have warned us on the dangers against vaccinating our children. They see it as a western European ritual that has been forced on people all over the world.

They teach us about holistic lifestyle and holistic diagnosis emphasising and reminding us that, the Chinese, Indians, and Africans have always used the ancient system. A true system that God made.

Roots, natural herbs, natural remedies and other types of traditional vaccinations work well.

Now that we know the truth out there and other alternatives, what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to keep talking or to actually do something about it?

Remember, “You can cure any disease under the Sun through proper treatment, nutrition and holistic ALKALINE lifestyle. Be healthy, drink spring water and exercise.”Maybe it’s time to visit one of the local Homeopathic doctors.



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