Uluvo: Religion and Spirituality


By Vuyokazi Ralawe

Being African in an UN African world brings a lot of challenges whereby most of the time we have to find our own world within the western influences.
The issue of religion is one subject that a lot of Africans prefer to rather turn a blind eye, but for me at this point in my life I would like to open this chapter and look through these pages and hope that my massage will get to the people who seek to find the truth like I do.
I would like to share this bit of information with you as I conclude with this sensitive issue.

Christianity separated itself from the original Jewish religion into its own religion. Both religions started in the Middle east and separated over the centuries gradually from Judaism due to conflicts on written documents which were written all over the middle east into Europe and Africa, including the Egyptian scripts that was later hidden from the public. They are now still kept at the Vatican in Rome.

You have to understand that Christianity spread ed in most Europeans countries from ancient Rome by word and also through the emperors of those countries that it spreaded wide and far so quick.
This is why even today we can see the Vatican still residing in Rome as head courtiers of the Christian faith followers.

We must also remember that European people had also a pre Christian era where indigenous European natives were practicing their Spiritual traditions. They too had their own tribal Germanic heathenism roots, wonders and beliefs. They too in their native groups; the Odins, the Erin’s, the Lokis, and many more other Gods who are their representation of white European heritage were also tortured if they did not abide by the new rules from the top masters. Many natives were burned alive, some even hanged through Religious wars, forcing people to change their native ways of life, to adopt Jewish religion and Christianity Master slave relationship.

Countries like Ireland, Scotland , Wales etc had their own Celtic beliefs as well long before Christianity was introduced to them, but then still this day, there are many natives who still recognizes themselves as non religious in accordance to Christian beliefs. They do not follow any religion because they believe it is not their indigenous beliefs and not obliged to do so.

People must not forget that even under the sun, there are still many other people who are ready to challenge all these major religions because it make sense to do so.
In fact on this earth there is Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and many more other 4000 religions that are practiced daily and wit those practices , the ultimate quest is to find their spiritual awareness and healing.

We are the descendants of God the Creator who created each and every one of us.So you are the ultimate god that you have been waiting for. You come from God. You are one with God.
So why not just be Spiritual and practice spirituality since Spirituality is the ultimate quest? ,
Why abandoning your forefathers ancient ways of life, just because of the changing times?.

I am the divine spark that makes me unique. And through my ancestors I have an undeniable privilege of this gift of life. From my spiritual existence, I then recognize myself as an African, a child of God, therefore a God. It is found in my existence, my DNA.

It is a logic sense that we come from our parents, who come from our grand parents, who come from our great grand parents, who come from our great great grand parents and so the continuation of life is never broken. It goes on and on.
The loyalty I give to my ancestors is the same loyalty I will receive as well once I go back to my spiritual home.

You may even notice in today’s modern world that we use a lot of mental connections with one another, like on Social media, but through our spiritual connection, we see one another on a spiritual level and can be able to connect and communicate just the same as in a physical world.
We hear massages through our spiritual vibrations.We see things through our third eye. We hear massages through our hair (our antenna). We feel through our spirits. We are spirit beings, and anything other than that is not the original of mankind.It is a revised and diluted procedure of survival.

As the world knows very little about African spirituality and African people.We Africans also know very little about the west and their originality. I think that stigma should be stopped.
People of this world need to learn more about who we are as we all are contributors in this legacy called life.

In Africa we predicted the rains and storms just by looking up in the sky; we knew how to predict the time, the months and changing seasons just by looking up in the skies. We heear unspoken words of the rivers and the drums.
Africans are people of the soil. We are beautiful in every way, and have our own ways of life, gifted by mother earth.
We go to the rivers to take our baths and to connect with mother earth by meditating. We pray to God and respect the rules and laws of life. We sleep outside and count the stars.
We make gatherings, feasts and we are very good at working on the land.
we know God lives within us everywhere we are.
We lived embracing and respecting all things found in the land for many centuries. Yes sometimes we slaughter but we do it in a respectful manner. We bless the hands that touch the food as we believe that if you do that, God will give you some more.
We do not waste, we don’t over eat, and we don’t over do things. We are harmonious people who move along with nature. We respect the laws and value nature as we are natural beings.

I remember my own first traditional party of Imbeleko. When a child is welcomed by the family and also introduced officially to the world and to the ancestors, to guide and protect you.
I had my own traditional arm band made out of a goats skin, I drank my first traditional drink and I received my own peace of meat, that was slaughtered especially for me.

African Spirituality runs in our veins. We are the spirit beings and there is no better way than to be true and authentic to our experiences. Our reality only will determine how high we are in this scale of life.

Spiritual practice just like any form of energy is needed to tune in with the universe.I have to put my energy and focus on things that will break the shackles and walk along with my creators. Their pain is my pain, my joy is their joy.I even remember when mama passed on, my life suddenly changed but for the better because I knew that Mama is with me all the time. I see her, I think about her and even in my dreams I know I am protected.
I feel her presence at all times. That makes me know for sure that my ancestors are
Here with me at all times.

Sometimes just by being quiet, I feel godly. I allow the spirit of God to speak to me. I can take longs walks, visit the beautiful oceans or the mystical rivers, and definitely feel the connection with my ancestors.

I choose the Divine spirit where there is love and appreciation, in clean spaces. I like to keep my house clean as well by lighting the divine plant called Impepho and fill the house with it. The smell of it as well is just divine.

I also like to cleanse my body, because my body is my temple, I understand to receive the blessings I have to honor my temple and keep it clean.

I am human, a spiritual being who was conceived to come to this world to be as genuine and authentic as I can be.
Although I too am still a work in progress, but there is a great saying that I learned, “starve your distractions and feed your focus”. This is now that time to feed our focus and be true to ourselves.

As the great baba Credo Mutwa once said, “The logical mind is that every human has two minds. The mother mind and the warrior mind. We must awaken and feel what is going on in this physical world. We should feel be able to connect with all things on it and above it. If we see the stone we should be able to see the future and what minerals are there. That is the power of being an African.

We must believe in the imagination of God. Because since I am the image of God, I am a Goddess. From my mother womb I was sin free. From the creation I was meant to be. And I will not be told by any religion, being Islam nor Ibrahamic religions otherwise.
Yes missionaries came and introduced their religion mostly by guns and bullets, and yes most African diverted, but then those days it was not by choice, it was because, as peaceful and welcoming they were. Colonials stole our ancestors land. They came to Africa, gave us the bible, and they took our Land.

In my humble opinion.We need to practise our own African Religion as Africans. We need to have spaces where we can go to attend and connect with other fellow brothers and sisters. We need to build families and connect the African way. Be it in open spaces, in schools or even in our own churches, but we need to redefine what our religion is and how we view God.

Even churches have always worked tirelessly everyday to redefine and reform their religions to suit the massage.
Islam is derived from Christianity and Christianity derived of Jews breaking apart into reformed Dutch or Protestants etc. The ultimate quest is to find what doesn’t insult their intelligence. But blindly insulting and looking down on our own African Spirituality.

We need not be afraid to practice our spirituality. It’s only you who can identify with your condition in this world. Its only you who knows who you are and who you want to become. So living according your needs is very useful. That is why for us Spiritual beings, we have to be Unapologetic about it.

Slavery is way behind us, so we must not be the oppressors of our lives, like the our father Macuse Garvey once wrote, that” we need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. And we need to let go of what insults our intelligence. Remember Mental slavery is the most dangerous oppressor.

I am not sitting here blaming and bashing other religions that were used as a tool to oppress innocent people, but to shine the light on the trusty. The fact that we came to this world freely and sin free with everything we needed to survive on it. We are worthy, powerful and strong, we build the pyramids from Sudan to Egypt. We are the first people on this earth; our wealth in which strive in our melanin, a source of life directly in harmony with nature.
We are blessed and highly favored by God who chose us and gave us all the qualities to survive and prosper, we should not be afraid to show them off to this home of ours.

I am a liberated Afrikan and shall continue to liberate others like me. My vision will liberate me and those who are with me. What I imagine will come to life, and right now I imagine living in a land of my forefathers, under the Sun of the great Qamata, Mvelinqangi, Sonininanini and Nkulunkulu the Creator of all.

Vuyokazi Nonoza Ralawe

I pay respect to the land of my Roots, mama Africa, who against all odds is still standing.

I imagine predicting rains like what my Ancestors did. Living in harmony, respecting the women and never hurting the children just like my ancestors used to do.

And so we have to fight for what’s ours. As our teacher Pastor Xola Skosana teaches us about the importance of land ownership. That ,”Land is our kingdom of God, and without Land ownership then we might die in vain”. He teaches us that, we]Black people have to claim our own kingdom of justice, and irradiation of inequality for our children and our children’s children.

We have to fight and go back to spirituality by any means necessary.

We Africans are still Landless while we are still busy blindly praying for paradise, and yet paradise is right here on earth.

We must return to the Land so we can return to our God.