US: Two New Jersey Beautiful High School Teens Died and Two Others in Critical Condition


njprom15n-1-webTwo New Jersey teens were killed yesterday on their way home from prom. Police are still investigating the nature of the two girls deaths, but right now it appears that they died in a car crash – where NO ONE WAS under the influence.

Police say that 17 year old Daisa Sulton (on the left) and 15 year old Mikayla Mosley (right), died when their car struck a tree hours after celebrating at a high school prom in New Jersey.

Daisa was driving Mikayla, and two other girls home from the prom, when Daisa lost control on a curve. The vehicle skidded off the road and  into a tree, authorities said.

Daisia and Mikayla were killed instantly. The two other passengers survived. Zyiah Stocks, 16, is hospitalized in critical condition, and Jada Barriento, 17, is listed in stable condition, officials said.

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Killed_At_PromWhat started as the night of their lives turned into unimaginable heartache when the two teens were killed and two others injured in an early Saturday car wreck in New Jersey following their high school prom.

The four girls from Bridgeton were riding in a Chrysler PT Cruiser when the driver lost control on a curve on Route 49 in Maurice River Township about 3:45 a.m., authorities said.

The vehicle coasted across the road and slammed into a tree, authorities said.

The driver, 17-year-old Daisia Sulton, and passenger Mikayla Mosley, 15, were killed. Zyiah Stocks, 16, was hospitalized in critical condition, and Jada Barriento, 17, was listed in stable condition, officials said.

“Bridgeton is just in tears,” a Twitter user wrote. “RIP to the girls who last night had the great time of their lives @ prom to be left in memories.”

Grief-stricken friends and family members posted photos on social media showing the girls dressed to the nines hours before the crash.

“R.I.P to these 2 beautiful young ladies who were killed in a car crash last night after prom,” wrote another Twitter user below a prom photo of Mosley and Sulton.

Mikayla Mosley is seen looking radiant in a white sleeveless gown. A beaming Sulton was photographed in a gold dress with a sweetheart neckline and clutching a red rose.